Arthur & George (Vintage 21st Anniv Editions)

Arthur & George - Julian Barnes Pretty great book, interesting introduction into the lives of Arthur & George (as the title might suggest it to be). I liked the juxtaposition between the characters and upbringings of the two men, and I also like how I only realised 'Arthur' was Arthur Conan Doyle, a well-known author who actually existed, turned into fiction here, on page 60. It was a nice surprise, because it makes you wonder what difference it made in your appreciation of the character whether you thought he ever existed in real life or not. Does it matter? Would I judge the actions of a fictional character more or less harshly? Would I be more invested the fate of a fictional or a real character more? Or might I be less apprehensive for someone like Arthur Conan Doyle, because I'm familiar with the image of himself he left.